Here at RainKing, we oversee the complete design, layout and installation of every system.Plus Rainking handles lawn aeration and drain tile. By utilizing top quality lawn sprinkler components crafted by Hunter and Rain Bird, we can offer a competitive price no matter the size of your lawn.

When you hire RainKing to install your system, you know that you will be getting an experienced contractor who has installed and serviced more systems than any of our competitors and have thousands of satisfied customers.

RainKing Irrigation

Landscape Lighting

RainKing believes that not only should you have a beautiful lawn to show off during the day, but a stunning illuminated property at night with custom landscape lighting.

We believe that your property is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with radiant light and our professionals will work with you to enhance the entryways, pathways, gardens, decks, and trees with the use of accent and spread lighting.

RainKing Landscape Lighting

Fertilizer Programs

People think that because they water and the sun shines, they'll have a great lawn. Great lawns just don't happen. They require a quality fertilizer program.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration provides many benefits, including heat & drought tolerance; Reducing water runoff, puddling, and soil compaction. Lawn aeration studies at Iowa State University have proven that aeration can cut back your irrigation up to 30%.

Core aeration allows air, water, and fertilizer to better reach the root zone. This stimulates root growth to create healthier, stronger turfgrass. This can help save money on your water bills, and the reduction in your water bill easily pays for the aeration.