Why Choose RainKing?

RainKing is Iowa's # 1 Lawn Sprinkler Company! From our start in April of 1988, our goal has been to: install a top quality lawn sprinkler system at a competitive price and to stand behind our work with excellent service. Our efforts to attain this goal have made RainKing the state's leader in residential irrigation.

Over 3000 Satisfied Customers: We encourage you to look through our entire customer list for the names of friends and neighbors who already have a RainKing system. Ask them about their satisfaction with our system and our service. Our customers have always been our best salesmen!

Experience: A properly installed sprinkler system will last the lifetime of your home. That's why it's so important to choose an experienced contractor. RainKing designs and installs more residential lawn sprinkler systems than any of our competitors. When you choose RainKing, you are choosing the proven irrigation experts.

Specialists: At RainKing, we DO NOT irrigate golf courses, plant shrubs or mow lawns! Because we specialize, we will do a better job of installing your sprinkler system.

At RainKing, We Oversee the Design, Layout and Installation of EVERY SYSTEM.

Long Term Commitment: RainKing has made a long term commitment to serving the Des Moines area. We have a store, warehouse, and service department, which enable us to provide our customers with excellent service after the sale.

Conserve water: We install an automatic rain shut off, which will keep your sprinkler system from running during or just after a rain.

Guaranteed Coverage: A RainKing system features guaranteed coverage, no dry spots. With our "Head-to-Head" design, all of your lawn will be properly covered with water.

Strong Warranty: We back our sprinkler systems with a strong warranty. The RainKing warranty covers failure due to manufacturer's defect or improper installation for 2 year on the Entire System (Parts and Labor)

Financing Available: Easy and reasonable terms. Call us for details.